ENT Thyroid Pack

SUBMED PACKS are designed to support major routine surgical procedures in cardiology, orthopedy, gynaecology, radiology etc. Our wide range and production flexibility allow you to customise more specific and tailor made packs based on your personal choice and procedural habbits.

Product Details
3x Carbon Steel Bladesno15
1x Drape, ENT With Instrument Pad150x200cm
1x Adhesive Drape100x100cm
5x Gauze Swabs, XRD10x10cm
10x Gauze Swabs, XRD7,5x7,5cm
1x Gallipot120ml
1x Gallipot60ml
2x Suture
1x Hand Towel20x40cm
3x Kidney Bowl800ml
2x Light Handle Cover
1x Needle Filter
1x Sharps Box
1x Spinal Needle
1x Suction Connecting Tubing
2x Syringe, Luer Slip2,5ml
2x Syringe, Luer Slip20ml
1x Yankauer