CVC Dressing Change Kit

SUBMED offers Surgical Kits for minor surgery interventions such as IV Therapy, Disinfection, Dressing, Suturing, Catheterization etc. Surgical Kits are combination of our own manufactured products and wide range single use complementary item inventory. Fully customized sterile kits provide you safe and easy way in your procedural praxis.

Product Details
1x T Split Drape 30x40cm
1x Cover Drape50x60cm
2x Nitrile GlovesM
3x Alcohol Swab Stick
1x Catheter Dressing
1x Roll Of Tape45cm
2x Gauze Swab10x10cm
1x Split Swab5x5cm
1x Surgical Mask, 3ply
1x Tray, 3comp.