Circumcision Kit I

SUBMED offers Surgical Kits for minor surgery interventions such as IV Therapy, Disinfection, Dressing, Suturing, Catheterization etc. Surgical Kits are combination of our own manufactured products and wide range single use complementary item inventory. Fully customized sterile kits provide you safe and easy way in your procedural praxis.

Product Details
1x Plain Drape40x50cm
1x Fenestrated Drape45x75cm
10x Nonwowen Swabs7,5x7,5cm
1x Sponge Stick14cm
1x Scalpelno11
1x Metal Forceps - Straight12cm
1x Metal Forceps - Curved12cm
1x Pean Forcep - Straight16cm
1x Iridectomy Scissors - Curved11,5cm
1x Needle Holder14cm